Full Moon In Virgo (March 1, 2018)


Full Moon in Virgo

The full moon in Virgo on the 1st of the month puts us to work and puts us in a position to integrate and process what has piled up. What feelings need to be understood so that they can be digested? So that their wisdom can be integrated? So that their meanings can be organized and your life can run with greater efficiency?

Virgo motivates us to clear up what has been left in disarray. Sitting across from the full moon is a bevy of planets creating captivating chaos in Pisces fashion.

The sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron are all currently in the magical, messy waters of the fishes. Mayhem is no stranger to Pisces. Chaos is creative. Creativity is chaotic. But at some point this energy needs to be held. Directed. Clarified so that it can be put to use.

The full moon is here to help us do just this.

Allow some time around the full moon to cleanse your system. Detoxify. Remember that boundaries help you to articulate the emotional energy that Pisces pours forth so that it can express the wisdom that it holds.

Honoring both the dream and the plan to make it a reality is the Virgo/Pisces polarity and this full moon reminds us that believing in our ability to make our vision into a reality is a power we must put to use. Daily.

The day of the full moon also features a trine from Venus in Pisces to Jupiter in Scorpio. There are few other astrological signatures that are so abundant. Venus builds bonds. Jupiter creates abundance. Together they create an unstoppable, generative and generous energy. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, and Venus is exalted here. The trine between the two is therefore strengthened as the two share wealth from the same source.

This adds a luxury to a usually austere Virgoan situation. Look for the abundance that your efforts have produced and will in the future.

The ruler of the full moon, Mercury, also makes a trine to Jupiter. Mercury might not have clarity of thought in Pisces, but luck is on its side now.

With conjunctions between the sun and Neptune, and Venus, Mercury and Chiron, all in Pisces on March 4th, a mere three days after the full moon, emotional tides stay on the rise even when the full moon wanes. Pisces energy is elevated. With both Neptune and Chiron in the mix, healing infusions will need to be worked with consciously. Neptune intoxicates, but Chiron clarifies the nature of our wounds.

Don’t try to drown them, deny them, or let them fester. This is the season to address them, cleanse them and allow them the air, understanding and thoughtfulness that they need to heal.

Full Moon, Blue Moon, Luna Eclipse all in Leo !

Hold on !  This one feels like “Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My !!! “

On January 31st, there is a second Full Moon (this time in Leo) and also a total lunar eclipse. So, we need to find some ways to use this strong energy of the double full moon, because we know that the full moon can stir your emotions, but it also can increase the level of your positive energy.

The first month of the year started with and ends with a Full Moon. Is not only that we have 2 Full Moons instead of one within one month, but what makes January so special is that both lunations are super potent – the first one takes place in its home sign Cancer, and the 2nd is a Lunar Eclipse.

At the beginning of the year, when the Sun is at its lowest strength (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere), the Moon is more powerful than ever. The Moon is usually associated with the feminine principle – if you are a woman, in January things will come easier to you. The Moon is – together with Saturn – the most material planet. The Moon manifests whatever the Sun imagines and designs, the Moon is consciousness in action. So you will likely get a lot done in January!

The January Lunar Eclipse has ‘Leo regal’ stamped all over it, and it especially resonates with playing a very Queenly, backstage, strategic role. This Lunar Eclipse makes us warm hosts, who take control of any social situation, making sure that all guests are taken care of. The energy is great for organizing people and events so that the flames of enthusiasm and conviviality forge longstanding alliances.

A good word to describe the Moon in Leo is ‘Gracious’, though in some cases it can be more like ‘Goodness Gracious!’ Indulgence can become a problem if we lay on excessive compliments, gifts and flattery to those we want to court favor with. The Lunar Eclipse can be a great benefactor for the arts and is a protector of children. The protective influence of the great mother bear will be felt strongly and this ramps up the mothering aspect of the Moon.

The Moon soothes down the roaring energy of Leo somewhat, but this decan is still regarded as being ‘Mouthy’. This means the January Lunar eclipse’s energy will be outspoken, fearless in its reasoning and will dive into debates with gusto. This decan of Leo is ruled by Jupiter, so combining Zeus with the Lion King will create someone who relishes power and is very happy to give orders. Those ignited by the January Lunar Eclipse then will be accused of being bossy, but at the same time will be wonderful at organizing, when most people can’t be bothered. You can rely on this Lunar Eclipse January 2018 to cut the crap out of any chaos rather than just faffing-about politely, not wanting to appear rude. A Leo decan 2 Lunar Eclipse does tough-love extraordinarily well, but sometimes make enemies because of this. The roaring mouth of the lion combined with the super-nanny energy of Ceres will never sugarcoat.

At this Lunar Eclipse January 2018, the environment or culture is a big theme. Luxury and indulgence are also amplified. There is a need to possibly forgo the immediate stimulation of the senses in favor of one’s duty to nurture the sick.

This is not a great eclipse to have an affair! If you do happen to be in the midst of one, there is a danger of getting caught with your pants down. Lovers might find that their sweetheart is actually married, or a spouse discovers an affair. Lunar Eclipses have a habit of bringing secrets to the surface. There is definitely a theme of the seductive but possibly shallow lover versus the dutiful but dull spouse. It’s a cliché, but the archetypes are hard to ignore when you have Sun/Venus/South Node in exciting and rebellious Aquarius opposite Moon/Ceres/North Node in stately Leo. The official spouse has the winning hand though, so give up gracefully if you are the master/mistress!

For the Lunar Eclipse January 2018 in the mundane world, there could be some so-called ‘s**t shaming’ which is such an ugly term.. This works also in the business world too where a boss might want a rebrand and replace their scruffy old (But wise) staff with shiny new hipsters. Again, this Lunar Eclipse means any forced redundancies will be very vocal about their plight.

Another possibility at this January Lunar Eclipse in 2018 is an attempt to replace a lovely old building with some modern carbuncle. The environment theme will ensure there will be protests at any schemes that are not in keeping with the rest of the town’s architecture. The victorious solution will have nature and classical proportions on its side.  


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