The first full moon of 2024 is here, and it’s casting a luminous glow in none other than the celebratory and expressive sign of Leo. A symbol of completion and clarity, the full moon phase encourages you to pause and consider everything you’ve accomplished in your personal life within the last six months. More specifically, you can think back to the new moon in Leo that took place in August 2023. During the full moon phase, the sun (Leo’s planetary ruler) directly opposes the moon. While the sun represents the ego and physical identity, the moon is symbolic of your emotional reality and inner foundation. This creates friction between polar opposite energies, triggering the emotional tides within and all around you to rise. 

The ruler of the animal kingdom, the biggest of all cats (and everyone on the internet knows how important cats are), Leo is a born leader, proud and ready to flaunt everything they’ve got going on. Always very particular about their looks, members of this sign pay constant attention to posture, grooming and overall just looking good and feeling gorgeous. Still, they should in no way be accused of being superficial.

Quite the contrary. Leos are also passionate and strong-willed, motivated and energetic, their eyes on the prize at all times, and not easily deterred from whatever pray they’ve set their sight on.

What the New Moon in Leo Will Be About

The energies swirling around while the Full Moon is hanging around Leo urge us to embrace our own inner leader, not be afraid to go big and bold, assume the role of a motivator and public speaker, of someone who is capable of getting the crowd moving in all the right directions. Their way of dealing with people almost resembles military training – but with a heart. Use this atmosphere to your fullest advantage and motivate yourself and those around you to achieve their absolute maximum.

Self Motivation and Celebration for the Leo Full Moon

The second lesson the Full Moon in Leo teaches us is to not let others get to you, keep true to yourself, be proud of what you are and what you have achieved so far. Don’t be afraid to be protective of your own plans, goals and dreams. No one will respect you if you don’t respect yourself first. Be a fearless yet loving leader, rule not by force, but by setting a good example. Make others follow you willfully, not out of fear but out of their own wish to share your dreams – out of inspiration, out of courage, and out of commitment to a common goal and a higher good.

What’s being brought to your attention at this time? Are you being true to your heart’s desires? Reflect on the progress you made when considering Leo themes such as authenticity, confidence, courage, creativity, self-expression, and the relationship you share with your inner child. A fixed fire sign, Leo’s innate ability to consistently stabilize its ever-burning flame is one of its greatest superpowers. The flame (and fire element) is symbolic of their strong sense of self and desire for expression. Leo has the drive, energy, and passion to create, and bring joy and warmth to those around them. (For reference, check which astrological house belongs to Leo in your chart—this is the area of life where you likely shine the brightest.)

Now that you’ve got the gist of Leo’s celestial expression, let’s discuss the sun’s journey through Aquarius, because things are about to get interesting! Despite being polar opposite energies, there’s no such thing as an individual (Leo) without a community (Aquarius), and vice versa. That being said, the sun’s journey through Aquarius brings light to everything from your community affairs and social contributions to your visions of the future. It’s a Uranus-ruled sign, hence its eccentric and rebellious nature, as it is meant to start a revolution. This is where your unique gifts (Leo) come into play, as this lunation is simultaneously urging you to reflect on the ways you can ultimately share these parts of yourself with the masses for the greater good.

Do you feel welcome within your friendship groups? Do the people you associate with resonate with your passions and hobbies? At the time of the full moon, Pluto will have already gone into Aquarius, where it will remain until it retrogrades (one last time) and re-enters Capricorn. Nevertheless, it’s important to note the magnitude of this transit, let alone the opposition it’s making to the full moon in Leo. Reaching its peak of fullness via 5 degrees of this fixed fire sign, Luna’s opposition to Pluto could bring deeper insight into your talents, gifts, and abilities. It could also feel as though you’re coming into union with a brand-new part of yourself that’s been developing in your subconscious over time but is now ready to take on the future.

On the dark side, the essence of Pluto (Lord of the Underworld) is notorious for destroying, purging, removing, and unveiling, which means that in addition to confronting this new energy, you could also learn about the networks, affiliations, and friendship groups that no longer resonate with you at a mental, emotional or spiritual level. Plutonian energy can be polarizing because of its extreme highs and lows, but given that we had a prelude of this energy last year (March-June 2023), chances are you’re aware of what’s happening, even if it’s something you’ve consciously chosen to keep to yourself. Either way, consider this an opportunity to step into your power and alchemize your challenges into stepping stones for growth and self-discovery. 

Jupiter will also face off with the full moon in an extravagant square, but it’s simultaneously reminding you of your sense of self-worth, as well as your value systems and everything you’ve been working so hard for. This is especially true with Venus (Jupiter is in its sign of rulership) transiting Capricorn at this time, as we are individually and collectively seeing the value of our hard work and prioritizing our integrity in the process. Jupiter will also harmonize with Saturn, bringing emphasis to your resilience and spiritual growth. This could also shed light upon the karmic cycles you’ve recently completed and what you’re finally making peace with.


As the moon illuminates your 5th house of creativity and romance, you’re reminded of your innate lust for life and ever-burning passions. This Moon is also bringing awareness to your achievements in the realm of your self-expression and self-love journey. Embrace your unique talents, and don’t be afraid to put them on display. This is a time to celebrate your individuality and take pride in what makes you unique amongst your peers and the world around you. Your challenge is to find a balance between personal interests and your role in the community at large. Be true to yourself while considering whether or not you’re aligned with those you associate with. Reflection: How can you channel your creative energy into projects that showcase your unique abilities? Are you balancing your desire for recognition with meaningful contributions to your community?

With the full moon shining down on your 4th house of home, family, and innermost feelings, you are likely seeing something full circle, specifically when it comes to your growth and personal stability. In addition to this being a moment to appreciate your roots and the security you’ve built, you could also find yourself feeling torn between your personal life and professional responsibilities. This is a “something’s gotta give” full moon, but with Jupiter in your sign—not to mention the encouraging aspects it’s making to the moon and Saturn—it’s important to hold space for all of the hard work you’ve done, as well as the sacrifices you’ve made to get here. Remember, your strength lies in your ability to stabilize and secure. Let this lunation serve as a guide to understanding the importance of a solid foundation for personal growth. Reflection: How can you continue to strengthen your sense of security while embracing change and growth? Are you aware of the emotional roots that comfort and ground you?

Your sparkling mind is one of your greatest gifts, Gemini. It shines brighter than you realize, and it’s time to celebrate your intellectual abilities as well as the progress you’ve made in this area of life. Whether its the way you’ve expressed your thoughts with confidence, or your role within your immediate environment, you’re leading with your heart. On the dark side, you may find that your ideas clash with your ideals, specifically when considering your perception of community along with your visions for the future. In any event, this moon is urging you to embrace your individuality as well as your connections with others so that you can find harmony in the diversity of your surroundings. With Saturn sitting at the top of your chart, it’s important also to celebrate the boundaries you’ve set when it comes to your sense of authority. Own your truth. Reflection: How can you use your communication skills effectively to express your ideas while still holding space for other perspectives? Are your peers supportive of your visions?

Your sense of self-worth is under the full moon’s glow, and you have so much to be grateful for. January’s full moon in Leo is touching down on your 2nd house of resources, finances, values, and money-making abilities, bringing awareness to everything from your financial stability to the root of your self-esteem. Whether in terms of your social life or the energies you’ve chosen to invest in, this is a time to get clear on what you wholeheartedly value in your personal life. If you’re experiencing tension between your desire for security vs. the demands of those in your social networks, reflect on what’s triggering this emotion. The same goes for those of you who have unintentionally mixed business with pleasure. Tap into your strengths, and allow this full moon to bring you into alignment with your heart’s desires. Reflection: How can you ensure your emotional well-being is aligned with your material goals? Is your sense of self-worth independent of your financial status?

Bask in the luminous moonlight, and open your heart to the abundance you’re manifesting. This full moon’s got your name on it, which means it’s your moment to shine. Activating your first house of self, Luna is bringing attention to everything from your personal growth to the way you present yourself to the world. In addition to a full-circle moment, surrounding your self-autonomy and self-love journey, this lunation is encouraging you to embrace your leadership skills and and unique authenticity. If you happen to find yourself at a crossroads between your desire for respect and recognition vs. a significant other’s (or community’s) needs, don’t be discouraged. If anything, you’re being called to set firm boundaries with yourself, and those around you. The same goes for your day-to-day rituals and health routine. Do what feels right for you, and your well-being. Reflection: Are you living authentically and allowing yourself to shine in all aspects of your life? How can you balance your need for self-expression with the needs of those around you?

It’s time to surrender an identity that no longer resonates with the person you’re becoming. With the moon reaching its peak of fullness in Leo—your 12th house of closure, dreams, healing, inhibitions, unconscious patterns, and your life behind the scenes—you’re being called to go within, and partake in some much-needed introspection. This could be as simple and spending time on your own, or catching up on sleep. The key is to reflect on your spiritual awareness and growth, because something is definitely being brought to your attention, even if it’s in your dream state. If your inner world and external reality are at odds, consider this all the more reason to release what’s holding you back, as you are preparing for a new cycle of growth. Reflection: What hidden aspects of yourself are you ready to acknowledge and integrate into your reality? Is something holding you back?

Celebrate your wins, and gather with your besties while you’re at it! This is especially true with the full moon igniting your 11th house of associations, community affairs, friendship circles, and sense of belonging in the world, but you’re being encouraged to reflect on how your peers are influencing your goals, dreams, and aspirations in the process. So, while celebrating your progress in the community, take this time to consider whether your authenticity and future goals are in alignment. You’ve made enough sacrifices in your day-to-day life, specifically when it comes to your health. That said, if you find yourself having to choose between yourself and your role in the community, it’s time to address the situation with your head held high and strive to create the balance you seek. Reflection: How can your community affairs better align with your personal values and goals? Are you committed to your own aspirations for the future?

Take a stand, and follow your heart. With the moon peaking in Leo via your 10th house of notoriety, career, reputation, and legacy in the world, Luna is bringing light to everything from your personal to your professional achievements. What you’ve created and built for yourself is being illuminated, whether it be literally or in terms of your public persona. In any event, this lunation encourages you to embrace your ambitions, recognize the power you hold to lead, and serve as a good influence in the process. With your modern ruler, Pluto, sitting next to the sun in Aquarius (and across the moon), you’re being called to embrace the eccentricities and mystical frequencies you were born to cultivate. Trust your intuition, and find a way to create a balance between your personal and professional desires. Reflection: How are you harnessing your power to make a positive impact in the world? Are you confident in your unique gifts and starseed abilities?

You’re a natural-born philosopher, and your truth is your superpower. This is especially significant to consider with the full moon shaking up your expansive ninth house of wisdom, experience, education, and unknown territory, as it encourages you to embrace everything from your spirituality to your intellectual pursuits. The same goes for those of you working hard to use your voice and reach the masses, as this is an opportunity to broaden your horizons and discover the joy that comes with every experience. If you feel torn between your personal philosophy and those within your immediate environment, remind yourself of the thrill of the adventure and your eternal quest for knowledge. Don’t let the unknown discourage you. Reflection: What newfound wisdom is inspiring the desire to expand your horizons? How have your belief systems evolved in the last 6 months?

Sharing is caring, but what’s yours is yours, Capricorn. On that note, with the moon shining down on your intimate eighth house of transformation, energetic exchanges, and shared resources, you’re likely coming to terms with the foundation of a contractual agreement, whether personally or professionally. Your connection to others is under the spotlight of the moon, which can simultaneously shed light upon the partnerships that aren’t in support of your authenticity. Reflect on how you’ve grown through your shared experiences and how they’ve shaped your sense of empowerment. Having to balance personal resources with others could be challenging, but there is a breakthrough over the horizon. Reflection: How have you changed and transformed the dynamic of your relationships and shared resources? Is this union in flow, or do you desire control?

It may be your solar season, but the full moon is sitting directly across from you, shaking up your seventh house of relationships, commitments, and contractual agreements. With powerhouse Pluto officially back in your sign, your sheer passion and determination are emanating from you, and your peers are no strangers to this magnetism. This is a time for you to acknowledge the balance (or lack thereof) between your individual autonomy vs. your commitments to others. You’re becoming more aware of the connections that are hindering you, as opposed to inspiring and supporting you. Nevertheless, full moons are a call for balance, so it’s best to strive for harmony and mutual respect. Reflection: How are your relationships responding to your inner growth and changes? Are your commitments in alignment with your desire for freedom?

You can’t control the world around you, but you can decide how you want to show up, and make the most of every experience. With the full moon igniting your sixth house of daily duties, acts of service, and health habits, you’re encouraged to focus on the foundation of your day-to-day lifestyle and overall well-being. If something needs to be readjusted, reworked, or perhaps redefined (with you being the one to take the lead with confidence), it’s being brought to your attention at this time. Saturn is, after all, transiting your sign, which is helping you set boundaries and become more disciplined with your personal and professional pursuits. Consider this moon a time to create a healthy equilibrium between taking care of yourself and honoring your responsibilities. Reflection: How can you create a routine that balances self-care with your responsibilities and service to the community? What does a perfect day look like for you?