How to See Auras for Beginners:

The true majesty of the aura, is that it doesn’t lie. In this luminescent sheen, all untold beauty lies waiting to be discovered. We all have auras, that colorful field that decorates the Light Body. Plants, animals, people, and even buildings, all radiate distinct colors which reveal more than our words can.

While not the most impressive party trick, paying attention to a person’s aura, will tell you much more than words alone. Little effort is required, but perhaps patience on yourself, as you begin to notice the field, will serve you best.

How can we begin to read these subtle fields, to learn to see more than what is being given to us? It is quiet easy to learn how to read auras, but first let’s cover some basics before you begin.

What is the Aura?
We are spirits having a human experience, and it is this frequency of spirit, which vibrates creating the energetic field around us. This field around our physical body is known as the “aura.”

Colors of the Aura
A vibrant color indicates spiritual awareness, and wellbeing. While dull, or muddied colors, reveal a sluggishness in self-knowledge, and even sickness. Those who balance their chakras, may indicate bold colors. Less pronounced colors may indicate places where more awareness is necessary. The colors in the field will also reveal much in learning how to read the auras. While some of us may physically see them, some people maybe more accurately able to feel them. Begin first with those which are the strongest.

For a moment, allow yourself to come into stillness, closing your eyes, and breathing deeply. Try to envision your own chakra colors.  Then invite the colors to wash over you, noticing how each feels in your subtle and physical bodies.

Location of the Aura
Our aura will surround our entire body; but, most often aura photos will simply capture the field around the head and chest. Although, in the absence of cool technology, and a hefty investment, you can easily begin to sense these auric fields for yourself. Those fields around the upper body will be a good indicator of where the person is now.

Sometimes jagged, and other times smooth, the texture will also reveal how consistent this energy is residing within the person. Cool flashes of color can sometimes be seen outside of the field. Known as “clouds” or “flares”, these can indicate tendencies that don’t always permeate the field directly, but are influential in the reality of the person. Large blocks of color, or human-shaped colors most often reveal the presence of our guides to us. You might see the outline of a golden body standing next to you indicating the companionship of a spirit guide you work with regularly. Other times loved ones may appear to simply say hello.

Placement of Colors
The location of each color will also illuminate many interesting facets. For instance, if someone carries red around their chest, it may indicate a frustrated heart, while white around the crown will portray a highly advanced soul.

Colors Will Change.

It should be noted that the aura colors will change. As we grow and evolve, our aura reflects our efforts. Sometimes colors will morph over time, even from one minute to the next, the field is affected by every thought and interaction we have. Never are two images the same, and seeing the colors can be an excellent way to track spiritual progress.

How to Read Auras:

  1. Notice Energy
    Before we can fully develop our ability to see auras, we must first become aware of how energy feels in our body. Next time you are with a friend, pay attention to how you feel in their presence. Do they invite you in to feel loved and cherished or rather drain you of your own energy? Align yourself with your breath, and ask for an honest sensation of how they feel to you. It is this visceral, physical reaction which if we begin to honor will assist us best in navigating the many people with whom we come in contact.
  2. Auras are Easier to See From the Periphery
    Sometimes, instead of  looking directly at a person we see peripherally.  As we are biological machines processing and filtering out so much information, so too is our direct vision affected by the lightning speed editing of our brains. To begin seeing the aura, gaze at one spot for 30-60 seconds and allow your gaze to soften. Notice those objects just outside of your direct sight to further develop your periphery vision. While mastering your gaze, there is no need to strain, or stress; for that will only trigger anxiety in the brain. Breathe normally, while practicing this soft-focus vision.
  3. Read the Aura of Another
    As plants are our most gracious earth allies, start with them! When you’re ready to move on to people, please get their permission first. This will ensure free will is honored, and will grant you access to see their aura. This is simply polite after all, and will ensure clean boundaries, and access to the unseen realms are respected.Ask them to stand 14-18 inches in front of you, against a neutral background. Look at the wall-not your friend-and begin to sense the field. Softly gazing through them, and at the wall around them. Ask the aura to show itself to you, and pay attention to not only your vision, but also your sense of the colors. Once you’ve made this connection in reading the aura, up the game by asking them to move around slowly to see if you can still sense the same colors.
  4. Self-Practice
    Once you’ve honed your skills with others, you may be up for trying to read your own aura! Note that this may be a bit more challenging, but is an excellent practice at strengthening your intuitive abilities. Sit in a quiet meditative space, and clear your mind. Set an intention that you would like access to “see” your own aura. Gently rub your hands together. This activates energy between the two hands. Focus your attention between the palms, and see if you can sense a color to these threads of energy. It may feel like mist, or fog even-but your physical sense of color will confirm and bolster your psychic vision.

Seeing auras is just one step to greater awareness, and elevating our consciousness, for it brings us into alignment with those people, spaces, and situations which serve us best. The blessing of how to read auras, is that it gives us a direct experience of energetic reality, which we often ignore. When we can honor the invisible reality that we navigate through each day, it will slow down our fast pace, and bring us into greater harmony with the spiritual nature of reality all around us.