Here We Go ! Mercury Retrograde from March 5th – 28th. March comes with 2019’s first Mercury retrograde, occurring entirely in Pisces and starting at 29 degrees, which is a point of crisis energy. Mercury retrograde begins on March 5th at 2:18 PM ET and ends on March 28th at 9:58 AM ET. The shadow period is February 19th – April 16th. The first storm period is March 1st – 10th, and second storm period is March 22nd – April 6th.

We may find ourselves getting stuck in a fog pretty easily, which can make it hard to make decisions, to think clearly, and to focus. We can be more easily misled, delude ourselves or are deceived by others, and can be easily manipulated. We may wander around, flowing from this to that, seemingly directionless. It becomes important with Pisces energy to make sure we’re grounded and to be as realistic as possible, otherwise we can find ourselves with a lot of issues!

We may be more easily rundown, constantly tired, and the world may be a bit sluggish as the more dominating among us become more demanding and draining on our energy. We need to make time for rest and quiet time alone so we can recharge, otherwise we just keep getting drained until we’re dry. Healthy boundaries are always important with Pisces.

​The basics: A retrograde occurs when a planet appears to be moving backwards from our vantage point here on Earth. It isn’t actually moving backwards, it just appears that way. Mercury turns retrograde most often, about 3-4 times per year, and lasts for several weeks. When a planet retrogrades, what that planet rules tends to be thrown off, along with what the sign it’s retrograding in rules.

With Mercury retrograde, we experience a shadow and a storm. The shadow period starts when Mercury first hits the point in the Zodiac it will turn direct at, and ends when it last hits the point in the Zodiac it will turn retrograde at. Most people don’t feel the effects of Mercury retrograde until it enters the storm period though. The storm period of Mercury retrograde is when Mercury is moving at its slowest, less than 40 minutes per day. Mercury is a fast-moving planet and hates it when he’s moving slowly. There’s usually two storm periods, one around the time Mercury turns retrograde, and one around when it turns direct.

Pisces is a compassionate sign, full of empathy and understanding, and we may find that we’re either too compassionate and understanding, which leads us to be taken advantage of; or, we’re lacking compassion and understanding, and make seem especially cruel in some way. There may be some sort of situation that is seen as particularly cruel, and we have to decide if we’re going to exercise compassion and help those who can’t help themselves.

Spirituality and intuition fall under the domain of Pisces, and we may be more focused on spiritual needs. It can be a good time to tend to them, but we need to make sure we don’t get too lost in them and lack an open mind and accepting heart. Intuition can be helpful for guidance since focus may be lacking, but we need to work on truly listening to our inner guides and not just believing what we want to believe.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, so we may be focused on something that needs to come to an end. We may encounter resistance, blocks, issues as we try to finish, close out, or let go, whether internal or external, and we may need to make sure we’re eliminating from the root and not just on the surface so it doesn’t come back again. Something we thought we were done with and wouldn’t have to deal with again could come back, rearing its ugly head, and we have to make sure we really take care of it this time.

It’s going to feel like things we thought were going to be over are going to come roaring back from the dead! We’re all going to need a lot of time to rest, need to be a lot sweeter to one another. Some may be cruel, but dump that and be compassionate. At the same time, we need some healthy boundaries, otherwise we can be vulnerable to deception and manipulation, especially around the end of the retrograde (which is conjunct Neptune, natural ruler of Pisces).

Pisces are very friendly, so they often find themselves in a company of very different people. … Pisces is a Water sign and as such this zodiac sign is characterized by empathy and expressed emotional capacity. Their ruling planet is Neptune, so Pisces are more intuitive than others and have an artistic talent.

Intuitive, Empathic and this sign brings together many of the characteristics of the eleven signs that have come before it. Mercury in retrograde is a time when you’re meant to take a deep breath and catch up with projects or things you have going on. It can feel a little emotionally overwhelming, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Still, this Mercury in retrograde is happening in Pisces, and that can create a little bit of a “woe is me” feeling. There’s a bit of tendency to stop and ask, ‘am I getting what I want out of life? Is this or that working for me?

When Mercury Retrogrades in Your Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign this can have a general impact on you while Mercury is retrograde in that sign. The Sun and 1st house rule you and the Moon rules your emotions, so you can feel really, really off when Mercury is retrograde in your Sun sign, Moon sign, or 1st house, even if it doesn’t conjunct your Sun, Moon, or 1st house cusp. It can be a feeling of, if it can go wrong, it does wrong, and you have to be extra patient with both yourself and others.

It’s generally not a good time for starting anything new, but it can be a great time for second chances. That’s usually the best way to use the energy, to take a second chance with something, give it another try, and redo something. All of the Mercury retrograde re-‘s can be great to focus on. And since it’s in your sign, you’re not as restricted with what you can take another chance with. It’s pretty much whatever you want!

The day after Mercury retrograde starts, on the 6th, Uranus moves into Taurus to stay for the next almost-decade. So there’s some big movement happening around then! We’re in hot energy right now with Uranus anaretic in Aries, and loose ends have to be tied up, we have to start and finish quickly while we have the chance, and with Uranus in Taurus, we can focus on a whole new shift, a whole new phase, a whole new decade of life.

Venus enters Aquarius on the 1st, and we can think about the future, enjoy being with friends, and want more independence. We can be open to change, and shaking things up in relationships. Venus moves into Pisces on the 26th, at the end of the Mercury retrograde, and tries to help us come out of the retrograde with greater sensitivity, compassion, intuition, and spirituality.

The Sun enters Aries on the 20th, and we can have more energy, more drive, more enthusiasm, and want to take initiative and make things happen. On the same day, there’s a full moon in Libra at a critical degree, and there may be important developments in relationships, commitments, and compromises. Energy may be high, and we need to keep calm and remain focused.

Mars closes the month out entering Gemini on the 31st, and mental energy surges, we focus on new ideas and new plans, and get excited by what we can come up with. We can work to make ideas tangible, and pursue opportunities to act on plans.

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Uranus enters Taurus on March 5th, 2019. Uranus will stay in Taurus until 26 April 2026.

Maybe Uranus’ move into Taurus has disrupted your life already. Uranus transits are like a bolt of lightning. They come unexpectedly to illuminate something that has been kept in the dark.

In Roman mythology, Uranus was “the great awakener” and to the Greeks, Uranus was the “God of the sky” and the creator of life as we know it. The Greeks said that Uranus (the sky) and Gaea (the Earth) emerged directly from the primordial chaos.

In astrology, Uranus rules everything that comes from the sky: the rain, the clouds, the lightning, electricity, radio waves, meteorites, intelligent life forms.

Uranus’s symbol is a circle, a crescent, and a cross – symbolizing the divine spirit (the circle) which expresses itself on the earth (the cross) through the spiritual and mental realm (Moon). Just like thunder, Uranus brings the divine truth in our lives.

Uranus’ glyph also resembles an antenna satellite, symbolizing the ability to capture the ‘divine signal’ from the universe. That’s why Uranus is connected to divine intuition and the “the sixth sense”.

Uranus makes it possible for us to connect wirelessly across space and time. Uranus rules the internet!

Uranus also rules intelligent life forms. In astrology, Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. If Mercury rules the mind, it is fair to say that Uranus is the Mastermind. If Mercury is the personal computer, Uranus is the server.

Uranus changing signs is similar to a general software update. How do you approach software updates? Are you annoyed when you have to stop everything you’re doing and restart your computer? Or are you excited about the possibilities that come with these new features?

If you are like me and like most people, you resist it at first. Even when you buy the next iPhone! It is something about the ‘new’ that is always annoying. Predictability feels right, while disruptions trigger our fears and anxieties. But if you ‘go with the flow’ and embrace the new, you will soon start to reap the benefits. If you resist it, the process can be very difficult.

Uranus brings progress, progress at any price. Progress, whether you like it or not.

Uranus and Taurus – From Sky to Earth

While Uranus rules the sky, Taurus rules the Earth. Taurus is everything that is stable in our life: our values, our land, our properties, what we rely on.

Taurus is where you feel stable and grounded. It is where you are certain. When Uranus moves into Taurus, it will shake exactly what you thought it was stable and predictable in your life.

But Uranus doesn’t bring change for the sake of change. Uranus brings new perspectives, new outlooks – it upgrades your perception of reality so that you can get a little bit closer to the truth.
Taurus is the sign of sustainability. Whatever is unsustainable in your life will change. Even if you may not believe it now, we all need Uranian shake-ups from time to time.

What exactly can we expect from Uranus’ transit into Taurus?

Let’s have a look at what Taurus stands for:

Taurus rules the land.

In the next 7 years, we can expect a rise in sustainable agriculture, sustainable living, permaculture, and eco farms. More and more people will move out of the big cities to places where they can be closer to nature. It’s not like we will go back in time. Uranus always brings progress! But we will definitely have a paradigm shift in our relationship to nature, land, food.

Taurus rules property and ownership, how you define ‘what is mine’.

Uranus rules data – especially what you can do with the data. In the last 7 years, when Uranus was in Aries, we experienced an explosion of data, especially over the internet. Data has become ‘the new currency’. Companies all over the world raced to capture as much customer data as possible.

But Taurus likes to make clear distinctions. Who owns the data? Who has the right to use it, and under which circumstances?

You, as a customer, have the right to ask a company to remove your data from a company’s database. The data is ‘yours’. This is exactly what Uranus in Taurus is about.

Taurus rules money.

Uranus in Taurus will ask us to reevaluate what money is. We are so used to think of money as a ‘thing’ – we go to work, and somehow money pops up into our bank account. With a swipe of a card, we can buy a nice dress. Or get ourselves into a financial disaster. In the last decades, money has lost its intrinsic value.

We have the stock market, we have housing bubbles, we have movie stars and football players who earn millions – a few years later are forgotten. Uranus will ask us to re-evaluate what value really is. Uranus in Taurus, together with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will bring big shifts in the money market.

If Uranus in Aries was all about speculations, risk-taking, and startups spreading like mushrooms, Uranus in Taurus will be about shifting your focus from ideas to practice. About taking ownership. About building something that can stand the test of time. It’s not that we should go back to farming and old ways of doing things. It is about finding creative ways to have ownership.

The best investment you can make with Uranus in Taurus is learning how to become self-autonomous. Learn how to cook. Get a garden. Start your own business, with your own resources (without money from investors).

Taurus rules beauty.

The concept of beauty has evolved and will continue to evolve. From cave paintings to Greek sculptures and renaissance, beauty has always changed its meaning. Impressionists for example (with their lovely, colorful nature paintings) were considered radicals in their time, because they didn’t follow the rules of academic painting. Nowadays, art has moved completely outside the painting. With Uranus in Taurus, we will experience another paradigm shift in how we define beauty.

We will all be influenced by these trends, however you will feel the energy of Uranus transit in Taurus stronger if your ascendant sign is in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), or if you have personal planets – Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars – in fixed signs.

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