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The Law Of Abundance – Learning To Receive

DO THIS EVERY NEW MOON. Are you rich in love, prosperity and joy? Often when we hear about The Law of Abundance, it refers to money. While it certainly does include financial prosperity, it is much more than that. Abundance relates to the state of being consciously connected to our Source Energy.

By the universal laws that govern all of us, abundance is already given. By the grace of Source, it is already ours! However, our experience of abundance is dependent on our particular alignment with it.

Everything is energy, including us. We are always vibrating something. What we focus attention on determines how we are vibrating. By focusing attention on the heart of who we are, our whole being begins to vibrate more expansively.

Then, since like attracts like, we draw to ourselves any and all things that are in sync with this expansive heart energy. We experience an increase in love, light, joy, wellbeing, creativity, exuberance, prosperity, gratitude, and an ever-deepening, awe-filled awareness of who we are.

What Is The Law Of Abundance?

The Law of Abundance is an abiding principle within universal laws. It is the simple fact that there is an unlimited Source of everything we need or could ever want. This great abundance is already ours, infinitely available to all of us all the time.

This and all universes are made of Divine Energy. It is everywhere and in everything. Everything, including us, lives, moves and has its being in this Divine Energy. We are this Divine Energy. It is a live, infinite, sea of love, joy, creativity, and goodwill. Divine Energy is the source of all abundance. It fills all space. The Law of Abundance states that there is nowhere it is not, so there is no lack anywhere, any time. It is equally available to all aspects of itself, which includes you and me.

When we align ourselves with The Law of Abundance then we move in oneness with it. In this oneness the only thing that limits you – beliefs in lack and limitation – fade away. What is left is you! Free, alive, joyful, creative and loving.

New Moon Abundance check writing is a ritual for manifesting, using the energy of the New Moon each month along with Astrology and the house the new moon touches on for you!  This ritual has been handed down through so many people that its origin has become unknown.

What are Abundance Checks?

Abundance checks are a tool we can use to create more abundance in our lives. They are written within 24 hours after a New Moon.

Surprisingly, you really don’t even need to believe that the check will work when you write it. You will however be amazed at the results, as you will see increased abundance in your life, in some life area. It is not always financial, but certainly in an area that you need.

Abundance is so much more than ‘money’. Perhaps a friend invites you to lunch and pays. Perhaps you are at lunch with a friend and they offer their expert advice on some area of your life. These are simple examples of Abundance. Abundance comes in many forms. Be GRATEFUL for all that comes into your life.

There is a traditional manner, which has been handed down. If you do not have a checking account you can draw a check on a piece of paper and fill it out the same way – the results will be the same, more abundance for you.

1.) Within 24-48 hours after a New Moon, take a check from your check book. Where it says “Pay to,” write your name.

2.) In the little box on the same line where you would fill in a dollar amount write “Paid in full.”

3.) On the line underneath your name, where you would write out a dollar amount, write “Paid in full.”

4.) Sign the check: “The Law of Abundance” Under the signature line, write “Thank You” (I write Thank You on all the checks I write, on the Abundance checks it’s already there for you!!!)

5.) Leave the date blank (or you can date it with a specific date that you “believe” this amount will come to you.)

6.) Many times we have beliefs with in our sub conscious mind that thinks we don’t deserve something.

You can leave the specific amount open or to try this out, use a dollar amount you are comfortable receiving… perhaps $500 (who couldn’t use this)?

7.) Put it in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take it from there. (Get out of the HOW)

Later (after 2 weeks or longer) you can burn (or tear it up and flush it down the toilet if fire is not an option) the check on one of the upcoming full moons, expressing Gratitude for receiving abundance in your life while the check is burning.


Get Ready! New Moon in Taurus and…

Taurus New Moon: May 15, 2018. 

Who is Taurus?  Slow, steady and earthy; that’s the Taurus way.

But not for this year’s Taurus New Moon. “This is the most atypical Taurus New Moon that we shall encounter for a long, long time.”

The Taurus New Moon invites us to savor the sensuality and physicality of existence.  If only it would allow us to mosey over and sample them in our own sweet time.

May offers some delicious energy that is going to help us feel more excited and optimistic, especially when it comes to love, romance, and creative projects.

If you are looking for love or if you work in a creative field, this is going to be one of the best times to put yourself out there and begin working hard to achieve all of your dreams.

After the transformative Scorpio Full Moon, the first weeks of May kick off with some beautiful, soft, and gentle energy that is really going to bring soothing relief. We may find that it’s easier to relax and we may naturally feel more optimistic about the future.


On May 15th, we have one of the most significant and special days of the year. This is because we have the protective and supportive, Taurus New Moon and we also have the rare movement of Uranus from Aries into Taurus.

The New Moon in Taurus will be offering a very stable and rewarding energy that is going to help us maximize all that we have been working on throughout the year, particularly professionally.

If you have been feeling lost in your career, or unsure of how to turn your passion into profits, this is going to be a great time to put plans into action.

If those plans aren’t super clear just yet, it is also the perfect time to set an intention and to think about what your career path may look and feel like. Perhaps even consider writing down what you want your ideal day to feel like, and then work on bringing those feelings into your daily routine one by one. This simple exercise is likely to help you get things moving and will help you to shift your vibration.

Uranus moving into Taurus on the same day is also going to assist with this energy and may bring new insights or awakenings into your life.

Uranus is the planet of awakenings and has the power to shake up and stir whatever it touches so we can realize new things and see things from a different perspective. Uranus shakes us to awaken us and it seems that we are all being encouraged to open our eyes and embrace some new awakenings!

Because Taurus is a very grounded, stable Earth sign, Uranus may not always feel completely comfortable in this placement. Uranus energy wants us to do things on a whim and to try something completely different, whereas Taurus longs for us to move in methodical, practical steps that have been tested and proven.

This opposing energy may create challenges, and there even be a similar tug of war within your own heart and soul as well. Perhaps you will feel the need to question some of the steps you have been taking in your own life, and whether they are still serving you or whether you need to try something different.

While this energy may manifest differently for everyone, on a whole, it is likely when Uranus has finished its journey through Taurus in 2026, we are all going to have a new insight into what brings us security and what is really important to pursue in our lives.

Ultimately, Uranus in Taurus is going to be challenging us to review and assess what brings us comfort and security. Issues around money, the health of the planet, and how governments are structured and organized are all going to be top issues as well.

Each year, as spring is in full swing in the northern hemisphere, we celebrate the New Moon in Taurus.

New Moons are a time of new beginnings and new possibilities. In this Venus-ruled Earth sign, this means the sap is rising, and we’ve got an urge to embrace all of the delicious, sensual, fertile things Taurus.  The new beginnings launched by this New Moon come with quite a twist, though.

This New Moon is not about planting seeds and waiting patiently for them to grow. “It is not about building security. It’s about us beginning to prepare for the upcoming changes. “It is the pre-seismic activity before the foundational shake.”

This New Moon launches more than the usual four-week lunar month. It also ushers in the game-changer move of the entire year — URANUS INTO TAURUS!!  (yes, this deserves all capital letters)

“Within hours of the New Moon,  Uranus will move into Taurus, for the first time in 84 years!  Most of us have never experienced this energy in our lifetimes.

“Uranus moved into Taurus on June 7, 1934, until Oct. 9, 1934, retrograded into Aries as he will this time and then moved back into Taurus from Mar. 28, 1935, until Aug. 7, 1941.

“When an outer planet changes signs there is always a big shift in energies. In the 1930s we saw the rise of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Mussolini and the Dust Bowl. We also had the US Congress accept The New Deal.

“When Uranus moved into Aries on Mar. 11, 2011, there was the magnitude 9.0 earthquake east of Sendai, Japan, triggering a tsunami killing thousands of people and causing the second worst nuclear accident in history.

 “This New Moon doubles as a goodbye party for Uranus in Aries. The cosmic rebel, awakener and liberator has been in Molotov-cocktail-throwing mode since he entered the sign in 2010.  All his disruptive, awakening and liberating propensities are at max and beyond as he wraps up his time in Aries.

“He’ll be back late in the year for an epilogue, but this moment is his grand finale, encapsulating what the past eight years have been about and blowing up remaining tethers to previous ways of being.

“That’s why the atmosphere has been so crazed, faster-than-fast paced and littered with broken glass, lightning bolts and whiplash-inducing news drops, messages and epiphanies.

“Uranus’s exit begins with a conjunction to Mercury, ruler of what goes into our minds and out of our mouths, as well as how we get around. It’s the meeting of two cosmic tricksters, crazy uncle and wily nephew, blowing our minds, exploding our perspectives and, amid the hubbub, birthing genius and innovation. The planets’ conjunction is exact on May 13, two days before the New Moon, and continues with a meeting by declination on May 16, the day after.”

What can we expect? “Expect this (roughly) 7-year influence to completely overhaul your approach to security and stability. Old habits will be broken, and outdated values will be left behind.  Whatever this New Moon introduces will be the first rumble of the Uranus in Taurus earthquake.”

This earth-focused Moon is also more intense than usual, thanks to an energizing trine from Pluto, lord of the underworld and bringer of unavoidable change.

 “New Moon trine Pluto results in intense and deep experiences.  You will have greater power and influence over your own life, allowing for positive transformations.  You can also exert this greater power and influence over the events in your life and over the people around you.  Personal or professional problems can also be more easily resolved now.”

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