The new moon in Taurus takes place on May 19 at 11:53 a.m. ET.

How The New Moon Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign


Commit to a long term plan. Explore new realms and financial opportunities, and reflect on the ways you can work from home, or capitalize on your talents, skills and abilities. What are you ready to surrender when in regards to your possessions, and sense of self-worth? What is no longer worthy of your time and energy? The new moon will touch down on your stability-seeking second house, and all while Jupiter faces off with Pluto retrograde in Aquarius. Your aspirations and ideals are at the forefront of this lunation, but your ability to stand firm in your values brings you closer to your power.


You’re being blessed with a well-deserved cosmic reboot this lunar cycle, and for more reasons than one. For instance, in addition to the sun and moon joining forces in your sign, you have the “Greater Benefic” planet also transiting your sign for the first time in 12 years. However, Jupiter will square Pluto retrograde, and bring awareness to your sense of authority (or lack thereof), so it’s important to honor your personal values and desires at this time. The transformation occurring in your area of career and reputation could definitely shake things up in the long run, so make sure you make a commitment to yourself before you take more responsibility.


You feel right at home in your fantasies and dreams, Gemini. And though the moon will renew itself via your 12th house of closure, healing and unconscious patterns, it is inspired by Venus in Cancer via your stability-seeking second house of value systems. On that note, this is an opportunity for you to reflect on what you genuinely cherish and crave when in regards to your emotional world. Jupiter will face off with Pluto retrograde which could, in turn, highlight the transformation of your beliefs and philosophies, despite whether you’ve addressed this new-found awareness.


There is greater emphasis on the support of your community, and many of you are being recognized for your social contributions. Luna will renew itself in Taurus, via your idealistic 11th house of aspirations, society and individual freedom, and all while Venus transits your sign. If you’ve been feeling discouraged and/or uninspired, this lunation will be pick me up you never knew you needed. You are not only acknowledging the value of your work, but also finding the nourishment and stability you’ve been craving. Naturally, the changes stemming from Jupiter’s square to Pluto retrograde could be intimidating at first, but this is why it is essential that you stand firm in your power.


There’s more than enough room at the top, but you’re cosmic royalty. The moon will renew itself via the stability-seeking sign of Taurus, bringing fertility and fruitful beginnings to your 10th house of authority, reputation and legacy in the world. Keep in mind, this lunation is brought to you by Venus in Cancer via your 12th house of closure, dreams and unconscious patterns, suggesting the possibility of you taking some well-deserved personal days, if not surrendering a title you represented once upon a time. The catch, however, could stem from Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto retrograde in your relationship sector. Don’t lose sight of your personal value systems, and don’t let anyone take your power away.


The moon will be renewing itself via the security-seeking sign of Taurus which, in turn, brings emphasis to your expansive ninth house of self-discovery, spiritual wisdom and unknown territory. If you’re feeling intuitively guided towards a different group of like-minded individuals, don’t sleep on your desires. In fact, many of you are gaining awareness of new opportunities, and perhaps even searching for a sense of familiarity in the process. Keep in mind, Jupiter will simultaneously square Pluto retrograde, so it’s important to get clear on your long term goals and pursuits, so you don’t lose sight of your truth moving forward.


You’re taking a closer look at the value of your investments, and energetic exchanges. For instance, the moon will renew itself via the stability-seeking sign of Taurus, and your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources and other sources of income. Keep in mind, this lunation is inspired by your celestial ruler, Venus, which is currently dazzling your 10th house of authority via the sign of Cancer. If this is related to home and family, you could come to find that you have a new-found value system when in regards to your superiors, and/or parenting style. Others of you may learn about an inheritance, or family heirloom.


You are being gifted with a much-needed reset, and in the realm of partnerships and one-on-one relationships. Luna will renew itself in Taurus, via your committed seventh house of compromise and contractual agreements. Ruled by Venus in Cancer—via your expansive ninth house of self-discovery, spiritual wisdom and unknown territory—there is an opportunity for long term growth, whether personally or professionally speaking. The catch? Lucky Jupiter will face off with Pluto retrograde (your modern ruler) via your fourth house of home, family and innermost feelings. Do not let the transformation you’re experiencing derail you from your commitments, and relationship opportunities.


Whether it be in terms of health or your day-to-day routine, May’s new moon is bringing forth the opportunity to invest in a fruitful and solid plan for the future. For instance, the moon will renew itself via the stability-seeking sign of Taurus, and via your sixth house of due diligence, health habits and acts of service. Governed by Venus in Cancer—via your intimate eighth house of shared resources—many of you will begin to take your power back, and reconnect with your sense of self-worth in the process. This is especially true for those of you who have been overextending yourself and/or sacrificing your needs.


Your solar plexus is a glimmering garden, abundant with riches and creative talents. How are you cultivating these gifts, Capricorn? Luna governs your relationship sector, but it will renew itself in Taurus via your fifth house of authenticity, passion projects, self-expression and your inner child. Governed by Venus in Cancer (again, highlighting your relationships) you could have “the talk” about expanding the family with a significant other, while others of you commit to a long term business and/or creative endeavor. Pluto retrograde could potentially shed light on the shadowy attributes (fears, transformation) surrounding your sense of security, so it’s important to remain true to your muse and definition of fulfillment in the process.


You take yourself no matter where you go, so make it count! The moon will renew itself in Taurus—via your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family matters, and innermost feelings—bringing fertility and new beginnings to themes surrounding your definition of stability, and/or your literal living space. Keep in mind, this lunation is governed by Venus in Cancer—via your sixth house of health, due diligence and day-to-day routines—suggesting the possibility of you reestablishing the boundaries of your home environment. Pluto retrograde is also transiting your sign and at odds with Jupiter in Taurus, so be mindful of the way you’re coming across to your loved ones.


Your mutable mind is a lot more valuable than you give yourself credit for, but that’s all starting to change. In the meantime, the moon will renew itself via the security-seeking sign of Taurus—via your third house of communication, mindset and immediate surroundings—presenting you with an opportunity to pursue a new skill that could bring fruitful results, while others of you lean on your peers for support and brainstorming. Either way, this moon is governed by Venus in Cancer—via your fifth house of passion projects and creative musings—suggesting the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals who genuinely see the worth of your talents, skills and abilities.

Tarot Card of the Week

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Tarot card:



Are you feeling disconnected and disengaged in your relationships?

It may seem as if something is missing, and you’re struggling to communicate and connect with one another. Revisit your expectations of the relationship and make sure they are realistic.

Seek out common ground with your loved ones and rebuild the relationship from there. Open the lines of communication and be ready to hold space for one another so you can reconnect on a deeper level.

Focus your attention inward and gain clarity around what you want from a relationship. Explore how you can bring more of this energy into your future relationships.

Look at your existing relationships and check in to see how these relationships align with your desires. Let go of any that no longer bring you fulfillment and happiness, and welcome in new relationships in alignment with your Highest Good.

Ask your Tarot cards: How can I achieve greater harmony and connection in my relationships?

Ten of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT: Divine love, blissful relationships, harmony, alignment.
REVERSED: Disconnection, misaligned values, struggling relationships.

Ten of Cups Description

On the Ten of Cups, a loving couple stands together, arms outstretched, as their two children play nearby. They look towards their home on the hill and a beautiful rainbow in the sky filled with ten cups. These two have true, everlasting love and have everything they could ever wish for – the home, the kids, and most importantly, fulfilling love – and they share this bond with the people around them.

The family home symbolizes stability and comfort, while the grassy hills signify fertility and the river marks the flow of emotion. The rainbow signals the end of difficult times and is a sign from the Divine that everything will be okay. The idyllic scene is one of true emotional fulfilment and Divine love.

Ten of Cups Upright

The Ten of Cups embodies happiness, joy, and emotional contentment, particularly in your relationships and family. You have created an abundance of love and happiness in your life, and you now share this love with others, expanding your heart even more. This card often appears when you are surrounded by your loved ones with whom you share a powerful and deep connection. You appreciate and support one another, and together, you help each other reach your highest potential. It brings you so much joy to see your loved ones succeed and live happy lives.

The Ten of Cups is the ‘happy family’ card, suggesting that your family relationships are harmonious and loving right now. No one is fighting or causing any tension; all family members are getting along with each other and sharing in the love and happiness that surrounds you. This card may appear in a reading when you are spending more time with family, perhaps on a holiday, reunion or event, where you can rest and relax together, creating fun and happy family memories and strong bonds.

Ten of Cups Reversed

When the reversed Ten of Cups card appears in a Tarot reading, you are seeking greater harmony and connection in your relationships. In your mind, you had wished for a beautiful, harmonious relationship, but in reality, you feel disconnected and disengaged from your loved one. It may seem as if something is missing, and you’re struggling to communicate honestly, empathise, and engage with one another. Each time you try to connect, something goes wrong, and you end up with even more distance between you. You may have unrealistic expectations of the relationship: that everything will be perfect and rosy every minute you are together. If this resonates, then realign your expectations and realise that every relationship has its ups and downs. Or, you may no longer be a fit for each other, in which case you may consider leaving.

The Ten of Cups invites you to seek out common ground with your loved ones and rebuild the relationship from there. See the other person as a Divine Being worthy of your love; and equally, see yourself as a Divine Being worthy of theirs. Love and be loved. Open the lines of communication and be ready to hold space for one another so you can reconnect on a deeper, more loving level. Be compassionate, understanding, and respectful, and seek harmony with one another.