Pluto is back in Aquarius after 226 years. What does this mean for your zodiac sign?

While we keep bumping Pluto on and off our list of planets, astrologically, it still holds its ground. On January 20, Pluto will go in Aquarius, marking the final time the planet associated with death, destruction and the underworld will retrograde between the zodiac signs ruled by Saturn. Although the planet made a brief guest appearance in Aquarius between March 23 and June 11 last year, it plans a bigger move into Aquarius between January 20 and September 1, 2024 and will remain there with bag and baggage until March 8, 2043. For the last 15 years, Pluto has been in Capricorn, driving global institutions, organizations and empires to success but as it enters Aquarius, it will influence transformation, personal growth, power dynamics, sexuality, revolution and technology, pushing us to plumb the depths of our subconscious.

Why is this transit so influential?

Pluto takes about 248 years to orbit the sun and is one of the few planets that makes important moves only a few times during an average human lifetime. This sets the foundation for revolution, change and transformation for generations to come. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was from 1778 to 1798 and this period was a game changer in the history of mankind with important events like The French Revolution and the Irish Uprising taking place during these years.

When will Pluto enter Aquarius?

As Pluto gears up to leave Capricorn on Jan 20, 2024 and stay in Aquarius until September 1, 2024, it gives us insight into the next two decades to follow. Gear up for an era filled with supportive collaborations where opportunities, connections and a turn of events that support a more altruistic theme of life become pronounced.

What are the big themes this transit brings forward for the zodiac signs?

Aries: Lone wolf era

While wolves are known to treasure their packs more than their independence, every year, a few wolves leave their packs to traverse landscapes alone seeking something higher and more meaningful: a sense of independence, a better understanding of themselves or a partner for keeps. Aries, these two decades are marked with courage, confidence and the ability to triumph over your fears. Journey on uninhibitedly to where you feel called.

Taurus: Embrace your potential

Intuitive living and not being afraid to stand out are the themes making the next two decades enthralling and noteworthy for you, Taurus. Be it breaking free from stagnant patterns in your life and relationships, breathing fresh air into your career or simply learning how to say ‘no’ to your fears and those taking advantage of you, a ton of goodness awaits you.

Gemini: The tough love era

From being drawn to mothering and smothering everyone around you to stepping into your Joan of Arc shoes, the next 20 years are bound to feel empowering and liberating. You will finally accept that just as you have responsibilities towards others you also have them towards yourself. The urge to be vulnerable will direct you into an era of your life where self-respect and self-worth are crucial. Go on—dole out some tough love and make things right.

Cancer: Become a badass lightning bolt

While you primarily focus on love and light, you may feel a push to tap into your dormant alter ego that is unafraid to strike. Personal growth, expansion and spiritual ascension mark the next two decades of your life where opportunities, people, support and just about anything you need appear through divine intervention in the nick of time. You are being fully supported for what could be called one of the best chapters of your life.

Leo: Tempered fires

You are likely to master the art of optimizing your fuel and creative flow and saying ‘yes’ only when it’s a ‘hell yes’. Expect to enjoy your downtime as much as you love being in the limelight. With this, you will unravel the mysteries that being in the flow brings with it.

Virgo: Vibin’ and tribin’

The next 20 years bring in a rapid shift within your relationship dynamics. The redundant falls off like a snake shedding its skin during moulting and you begin to choose your tribe based on how hassle-free the relationship feels. That being said, there is a focus on mastering healthy and effective communication as a reminder that there is a fine line between shedding and ghosting.

Libra: Leap of faith

While being the mediator comes naturally to you, the next chapter in your life courtesy of this transit is likely to make you communicate your exact emotions and move out of the ‘solo traveller’ theme of your heart. You are likely to come across many mirrors that will push you out of your comfort zone and make you question where you wish to pour your energies. Thankfully, the universe has your back so everything will work out just fine.

Scorpio: Abundance through awareness

Not only are you going to surprise yourself by how acutely aware you are of yourself and your environment but also by how you are willing to step beyond the familiar to let yourself slip into easy and mindful abundance. This is your period where you show them how it’s done without sweating it out.

Sagittarius: Smiling your way through hurdles

‘When it can be done with laughter, why pop bitter pills?’ is likely to be your motto in the coming decades. In addition to allowing your flirtatious, fun-loving nature to take centre stage, you are also happy to let it lead you to what feels fulfilling and purpose-filled. Trust your innate abilities to propel you forward.

Capricorn: Answered prayers

Expect things to flow into your life effortlessly in the years to follow. You are unlocking a lesson that teaches you to receive without climbing steep cliffs; in fact, you are reaping rewards for all your relentless work in the past. Expect to find your voice, new goals and new boundaries, perhaps even a set of new friends that feel like home. Feel your entire gamut of emotions but never forget that you deserve to thrive.

Aquarius: Destiny in your hands

This transit is likely to influence you the most, Aquarius. Not only are you ushering in a new age of light, but are also bringing forward healing and building a sense of community for yourself and those you cross paths with. Your natural instinct to create a haven for all is likely to receive a boost and the universe comes in to lend a helping hand. Gear up to live your life to its full potential both personally and professionally.

Pisces: Your utopian reality

Your dreamy vibe is likely to feel fully supported in the coming decades. You will thrive in the revolutionary, idealistic and collaborative energies that are being ushered in. Either on a personal level or on the professional front—or both—expect to find your voice and ways to get the ball rolling. Use the initial years to set the foundation for the blessings this transit is bringing your way. What you feel is right is right. Period.

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