Mercury Retrograde Is Over!

Mercury turns direct (forward) on May 3, after a three-week communication breakdown in stubborn Taurus and aggressive Aries.

Mercury retrograde is over! Expressive Mercury was backspinning through bull-headed Taurus from April 9th to the 20th, before rounding out the final days of its cycle in egocentric, ‘me-first’ Aries. You’ve probably experienced a few meltdown moments with friends, family members, and even colleagues. Especially during the frenetic cycle of Aries season. Thankfully, with slow-and-steady Taurus season now in full swing, and the messenger planet pivoting forward into direct motion, those scrambled signals will start to stabilize. However, discernment is STILL a must for the next three weeks, as the fog clears, with Mercury’s “shadow phase” still in effect. Beware the “retroshade,” as we like to call it, which is the 2 week shadow period that follows a Mercury retrograde when the stars will still mess with your life!

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Full Moon April 2017

Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde and FB wouldn’t let me post it until today. Screw YOU Mercury !!

Full Moon
April 11 Full Moon takes place at 2:08 a.m. with the Moon in Libra opposite the Sun & Uranus in Aries Some wild sudden unpredictable erratic chaotic energies are letting loose. Be careful. This could be an accident prone time due to restlessness, defiance, rebelliousness, and impatience.

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