Barbara Jacobs

I had been visiting Lily Dale during the summer of 2001 . My husband had been in a car accident and had a vary hard time getting around. I took him with me because I couldn’t leave him home alone. I would leave him in the hotel room and go do my thing. At one point I came back to check on him and found he wasn’t there. He decided he needed company. He found 2 lovely ladies to talk to on the hotel’s front porch. Later that evening he found them again. The next day he told me I HAD to come to meet these 2 ladies. One was Debbie and the other TJ. Immediately we hit it off. TJ had such a way of up lifting a persons spirit. I wanted more. There are not many people today who can make you feel like you can do anything. That feeling was like no other I had experienced. So through time TJ would give me readings and confirm life for me. She has been the only medium that pushed me up and forward. Through her I have learned, experienced and understood life’s experiences with much love. And I thank her for this.

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