Donna Morask, Zion Il.

Having lost both of my parents, within a year of one another by the time I was 23, were life changing events. I suppose it made me stronger in ways, and also more fearful in ways. Quite the dichotomy, but it was (and sometimes still is) my reality. Fear centering around anticipated loss has been a powerful force in my life, and often framed the way I saw the world. But another part of me finally came to accept some basic tenets of Spiritualism; i.e. we don’t “die”, but change from the physical to spirit, and cross over to another plane of existence. I have come to see that communication with Spirit is absolutely possible and happens, if we but learn how to listen… This gave me a measure of comfort but facing loss without fear, real or imagined is a daily struggle, some days, harder than others. I can absolutely tell you that Spirit Messenger is in touch with the other side and can help bring you comfort and understanding. I know she has for me.

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