Patricia Mustillo, West Seneca, NY

Theressa Johnson and I go back many, many years.  I am a grammar school friend of Theressa’s.  We weren’t in the same grade but, I remember Theressa, and her family from the early to late 1960’s. She always had a smile on her face, and was the cutest little girl, with the beautiful long braids in her hair.  We hadn’t seen each other in almost 40 years.  We came back into each others life about two years ago, through social networking. Theressa has helped me and my four siblings to be able to come to terms with our Mother’s death.  It has been a very hard time in the last two years.  Theressa asked me to call her, and we had about an hour long conversation on the telephone shortly after my dear Mother had passed on.  She helped me by letting me understand that my Mom was right by my side and she had a message for me.  Theressa made me feel good my telling me that my Mom was happy, and no longer suffering, as she did before she died.

She went on to tell me things that only my Mom would know.  She has been so compassionate with helping us all during such a devastating time in our lives. Theressa shared with me that she knew that she was psychic when she was a little girl, but we were going to a Catholic school, and “that kind of talk” would never be tolerated back then, or now for that matter.

We have since gotten together a few times, and also met for a weekend in the Spiritual Community of Lily Dale.  Theressa has had a group of 20-25 people from all over the United States meet with her for many years now.  Myself, and three of my siblings joined this group this past July 2011.

Theressa had a few personal sessions at Lily Dale for this group.  She was guiding us on how to learn to contact with our loved ones that have passed away.  She also, had a group of us together, and was helping us to go back into our past lives through meditation, soft music, candles, and such.

 Theressa Johnson is one of the most honest, kindest, sincere, compassionate people that I know.  She has been gifted with being able to help others and to guide them through her psychic abilities.  She would never lead people on with her gift.  She is trustworthy, and just a wonderful person.  I am so glad that we have found each other in this time of our lives.

 If you wish to contact me personally, just let Theressa know and she will get me in touch with you.


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