Patti Laessig

TJ and I ‘met’ in a bereavement group online over ten years ago, and somewhere along the line we began corresponding privately via email and phone. On several occasions TJ was kind enough to put me in touch with deceased loved ones, both human and four-leggeds that had passed on. I found her messages to be authentic and sincere, a valid communication between the worlds of physical and spiritual.

I also found TJ’s insights into life experiences between myself and others to be very helpful, especially when I was very saddened by circumstances at hand. I found TJ was able to bring forth information meant to heal and help me understand the why and wherefore of things that took place in my early life, especially in regard to a parent who I had no contact with the last years of her life.

It has been very comforting to know that my loved ones continue on in their journeys beyond the veil, and that I am in their thoughts as they are in mine. Anytime I find myself in a conundrum concerning life and death and unfinished business or just plain wanting to have one more chance to communicate with a loved one, I know TJ is ready, willing and able, to bridge that gap for me and that I will not be disappointed with the message that she brings forward from the ‘other side.’ — Patti Laessig 12-21-11

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