Rhonda Von Genk, Atlantic Beach, Florida

Theressa has been an inspiration and a guiding light over the past 10 years. She an her abilities have brought me a peace I could have never known without her. After the death of my sister, I was lucky enough to connect with her and she was able to communicate with my sister with amazing and incredible accuracy ; things nobody could possibly know. Since then, I have lost my mother an several close friends as well. She has consistently been able to connect with each and every one of them passing on the messages that I needed to hear as well as ones I didn’t want to hear (but needed to). Even though I have not yet personally met TJ, she continues to communicate with my love ones and pass those messages to me, even though we are hundreds of miles apart. She is always a joy to speak with; she is witty and charming, loving and compassionate and incredibly honest (a trait I personally value most among all)– she is an incredible friend who is always there for me but above all else she is an incredible gift.

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