Star Haynes

I would just like to say that I’ve been going to Theressa’s intuitive classes for a few months now. She is fantastic. Every class we get to practice readings. In one of those classes in the past few weeks she told me that my grandmother (who I consider to be my mother even though my mother is still alive) wanted to be one of my spirit guides. I almost jumped up to the ceiling in the middle of her reading me. I was sooooo excited, I couldn’t contain myself. I haven’t been the same since. Theressa is very knowledgeable and helpful and heartfelt. I love her and the people in the class are all wonderful and warm, which you need to be able to do the things we do in each class. I will be great when (if ever) Theressa is finish with me!!! She will always be my teacher!!!! Thank you sooo much Theressa…with all my Heart Chakra!!! 🙂

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