New Moon September 28, 2019 – Love is in the Air

The Libra New Moon falls on September 28th and opens a gateway to healing and transformation.

The Libra New Moon is also a Super Moon, which means we feel its effects more strongly. It also happens to fall on the same day that Saturn aligns directly over the South Node and the soul-healing asteroid, Chiron is also very active too, indicating this New Moon may bring some upheavals and challenges, but also a lot of growth.

Libra rules over the sign of Venus, so this New Moon is also likely to trigger our relationships and encourage us to look at our attitudes and behaviors when it comes to the connections in our lives. The relationships we keep can be very revealing to us when it comes to the journey and lessons our soul is here to work through.

Under this New Moon, we may be guided to think about how we can create healthier bonds and connections with others, either by setting boundaries or showing gratitude towards our loved ones.

If a relationship has been challenging or difficult, this New Moon may also inspire us to move on for good or to approach the challenges in a new way. Sometimes challenging people cross our path in order to awaken, activate, and strengthen a part of our soul. Sometimes these people also serve as wake-up calls to help us find our true path and true calling.

New Moons always open a portal to a new reality so if there are any challenges with a particular person in your life, set an intention, work on finding love and forgiveness in your heart, and see if this energy can help shift you to a new level of action or awareness.

The September New Moon also comes at a sensitive time of year as it is close to the Equinox. The Equinox is one of those times in the year where the veil between dimensions is thin and we can move into a higher state of consciousness with more ease.

All around us things are in change. The seasons are changing and Mother Nature is transforming herself. She is shedding or blossoming, letting go or creating new life. She is in transition, and we may feel that parts of our lives are in transition too.

Under this energy, we can retreat within, cross the veil and find a new part of ourselves that is ready to be re-birthed.

The energy of manifestation is also going to be strong around this New Moon, so we can use it to think about something we wish to bring in or create in our lives.
We have just three months of the year to go, what do you want to achieve? What do you want 2019 to be about for you? What last actions can you take to make this year one that feels good to you?

Libra is represented by the scales, and is the only zodiac sign to have an inanimate object as its symbol.
As the keeper of the scales, Libra is a figure for justice and for balance, and while all of these energies are with us during the New Moon, there is a deeper sense of balance being conjured here too.

Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac and being ruled by the number 7 also gives Libra a spiritually charged quality.
While Libra energy wants us to find a sense of balance when it comes to addressing our needs and the needs of others, it also wants us to find balance between this world and the next.

We are a soul having a human experience and remembering this balance between the physical reality we see and the spiritual reality that we are, under this somewhat volatile New Moon may come in handy. We are here for a temporary journey, Earth is not our true home. We are visitors here and so too are the experiences that happen to us and the emotions that greet us.

Libra moon

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