Welcome To The Last New Moon (In Capricorn) Of The Decade, It’s Time To Start Fresh

The last new moon of the year — and decade — is almost here. On December 26, the new moon will rise in the sign of Capricorn, and in parts of Asia, Africa, and Australia, there will be a solar eclipse. In astrology, new moons always signify fresh starts, a solar eclipse even more so.

This time, the new moon will be in Capricorn, an earth sign known for its practicality, stubborn nature, and work ethic. It’s a good time to consider your professional and financial goals. This new moon also lines up with Jupiter, an alignment that “will create an abundance of fresh and new opportunities in the professional realm of our life.

Carefully consider your career moves. “You may have to choose between projects that will elevate your professional visions and tasks, or jobs that are tedious — that will lead you in the opposite direction of our visions and goals. Use the energy wisely!” And look at your bank account, too. “Money matters may come to a head as well — both good and bad. “It’s a wonderful time to start a new financial plan and budget for the new year.”

Capricorn isn’t exactly known for being a people-pleaser, so be mindful of how you speak to others. “You may not want to express your emotions, due to the moon in Capricorn — but Jupiter’s  presence may make it hard for you not to. “As always, be kind and gentle with yourself and others. Embrace the new and release the old views during this eclipse to maximize the energy.” Even if you can’t see the eclipse, the new moon’s energy will still be stronger than usual.

Remember that Capricorn is “the sign of the master planner. “As you shift into the energy of the new moon in Capricorn, now free from the baggage of the past, you’ll find you’re prepared to start fresh,” she says. “You’ll be ready to design and shape the framework upon which you will construct your future reality.” Its the perfect time for a 2020 vision board — or a 2020 budget.

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