January 24: The card drawn for this week is Page of Cups Reversed

Where are you feeling blocked? It’s possible that you may be doubting yourself when the reversed Page of Cups shows up. There is an aspect of your Self that wants to be expressed, but you are holding back. You may worry whether your creativity will lead you in the direction you want, or whether it has value in this world. Or, you may feel ‘stuck’ when it comes time to express yourself creatively, and you don’t know how to bring this side of yourself out into the external environment.

The ideas are there, but you are having trouble figuring out how to make them into reality. If you are exploring your intuition, the reversed Page of Cups can suggest that you are encountering a lot of doubt. You are trying hard to listen to your intuition, but when the messages come through, you’re not sure if it’s your inner guidance or your ego. Open yourself to your intuition and see where it takes you. Ask the Tarot: How can I express myself creatively?

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