Hallelujah! At last, Mercury goes Direct!

The last few weeks of communication complications can now vanish, at least for the next few months until he hits again. We can now clear up those disputes with buddies and finally feel like we are on common ground again! MAYBE THE WEATHER WILL STOP DELAYING THE VACCINE DELIVERY ?  WHOOOHOOO !  OR MAYBE NOT….SIGH…

However, remember that Mercury has a shadow period, which is usually a week or two before he goes retrograde, and a week or two afterwards. Things can still feel hairy, so don’t jump the gun too fast with any major decision-making!

If you’ve spent the last three weeks or so feeling mentally scrambled, misunderstood or just plain indecisive, relief is near. That’s because Mercury, the planet that rules the mind, is turning direct on February 20, 2021, after having gone through another one of its retrograde phases. During retrograde, Mercury—the planet that rules speech, travel and communication—looks like he’s flipping around in the sky, changing his course. Yes, retrogrades can be easily explained by astronomers, but they are still believed to have a serious impact on people’s energy. There is magic in myth and symbolism, friends.

The energy of Mercury retrograde reflects what’s happening visually to Mercury; he’s getting all flipped around and moving backward, just like we do during this planetary transit. The vibe of Mercury retrograde throws a wrench into verbal and technological communication as well as travel and formal agreements (Think job offers and leases). When Mercury is not operating smoothly there can be plenty of mishaps related to anything ruled by Mercury — whether its transportation, commerce or communication. Now that Mercury has stationed direct, it will need a few days to regulate its orbit and then you’ll be good to go. Any delay, frustration or confusion surrounding Mercury-ruled matters will soon find resolution.

For the past few weeks, if you’ve noticed that you just can’t get your words in order, your laptop is breaking down, your car is stuck in the shop or your new landlord is leaving you on read, you know why. When Mercury is unhappy and in his acrobatic retrograde period, he has to tell everyone that he’s pissed off. He’s the planet of communication, after all.

So, what does it mean when Mercury goes direct?

A planet changing motion is a potent phenomenon. Remember, Mercury has been out of its usual forward orbit for three weeks, so turning direct again will not be as easy as declaring “On your mark, get set, go!” and watching Mercury zoom out. Ahhh, if only it were that simple.

What really happens when a planet moves from retrograde to direct motion is more akin to waking up from a deep slumber. Mercury will need time to drink some cosmic coffee and fully regain consciousness.

Full speed ahead

It won’t be until Mercury reaches the degree where it originally turned retrograde and then passes it that you’ll know Mercury truly has its full strength back. That tends to take a couple of weeks. But don’t stress — this time frame is nothing at all like the Mercury Retrograde cycle.

In fact, now you’ll be ready to apply whatever it is you’ve learned during the retrograde period into your current reality. It only takes a few days of Mercury being back on track for you to notice the difference. From here on out the planet will get stronger every day!

What’s interesting is that while Mercury will need time to regulate its orbit, the very day of its stationing direct can be a potent time. It’s like Merc will be jolted awake for a short time (remember Mom screaming at you to wake up or you’ll be late for school?). During this day or even the next, it’s likely you’ll experience incredible clarity about whatever issues you’ve been grappling with during Mercury Retrograde.

Be patient, though … it will take just a little more time before you’re ready to execute your newfound lucidity with success.

In the meantime, now that Mercury is direct, over the next few days you are free to sign contracts, schedule vital meetings, have a significant conversation and make important decisions or purchases. Remain confident as you push ahead with anything that requires cerebral muscle.

Mercury finally has its mojo back!

Oh and um…. post-retrograde shadow ends March 13.  This term sounds a lot scarier than it actually is, however, Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow is the wrap-up. Slowly implement the actions you want to take and integrate whatever lesson the retrograde brought up into your life moving forward. If we’re unwilling to let go of the things that need to be released, the post-shadow period will be difficult. Accepting the consequences of our actions leaves an empowering ripple effect. After acceptance is achieved, we can move forward wiser than we were the day before. This energy is all about tying up loose ends.

The retrograde energy may bleed into the shadow period, so maybe take the same measures you would during the retrograde itself. It’s not a cease and desist notice, just a warning to proceed with caution. Snap decisions made in post-retroshade haste might still garner unfavorable results.

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