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Taurus season is upon us from April 19 through May 20!

Taurus season officially commences on April 19. The bull of the zodiac knows how to kick back and relax better than any other sign. So, taking a cue from Taurus, use this month as an opportunity to indulge in life’s finer things. Translation? Binge-watch your favorite feel-good shows. Send yourself flowers. Set up at an at-home spa day, featuring face masks and mani-pedis with spring-themed nail polish. Essentially, don’t forget to treat yourself.

The  sun moved into stable, dependable Taurus on April 19. The theme for this season is growth. And while the overall energy may be a big shift from what we experienced during fiery, impulsive Aries season, this month promises to be no less transformative.

“The sun in Taurus is a time to become steady on our feet, get grounded, and turn our attention to more material concerns,”. “This represents the second sign of spring when the seed begins to grow, and our new beginnings from the previous month should start to show some growth.”

This season will bring sensuality, creativity, and inflexibility to our lives. “We will deal with matters in a more stubborn and inflexible way, which will help bring us towards our dreams.”

“The upside to this transit is that we will not veer from our innate artistry and visions. This means that we’ll be more creative and driven towards what we want to give to the world on our terms.” Taurus is all about prioritizing what you want — so be a little selfish this month.

The season of the Bull is all about taking action and being productive, which is a welcome vibe switch from impulsive and wildly creative Aries season. “During this time, we all have permission to take our time and bring a little bit more mindfulness to our magic. “Taurus also prefers quality over quantity, so it may be time to do some editing of any projects that don’t totally light you up. Strength and concentration are the superpowers available to you right now.”

As much as possible, de-prioritize all of the tasks on your to-do list that don’t speak to your soul or spark your creative fire. That way, you can focus on completing the things that really matter to you — and you’ll be more likely to knock those tasks out of the park too.

While things will move along a bit more lackadaisically compared to when we’re in Aries season, this particular Taurus season is more charged up than usual. “This Taurus season is set to be a wild ride,”. “During this time, both the sun and Mercury will be forming intense connections with Uranus and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus, as well as Saturn in Aquarius, bringing surprises, obstacles, and endings.”

This intensity will be especially noticeable during the April 26 Super Full Moon in Scorpio — so mark your calendars, because it “will bring an important situation to a climax. The major thing to watch out for this month is stubbornness: Be aware of getting in your own way. “The shadow side of Taurus can keep us digging our heels into our comfort zones, old habits, or our opinions of the ‘right way’ to do things. “Releasing control over the small details is a tip that will go a long way when we are working with Taurean energy.” If you work on striking that balance, Taurus season will be yours for the taking.

Taurus likes: Work in garden, preparing meals, music, romanticism, trending clothing, laboring with hands. Taurus dislikes: Unpredictable alterations, difficulties, precariousness. People of this sign aren’t afraid of laboring and like it. They are energetic and dependable.

Traditional Taurus female traits include emotional strength, independence, loyalty, introversion, and a flair for the artistic. These are just a few of the top 12 personality characteristics you’ll find in a Taurus woman

A Taurus man likes to lead and hates to be dominated. If you wish to attract a Taurus man, you can ask his help sometimes and also praise him for his qualities. This should be done subtly and not repeated so much that he feels you are leaning on him too much.

Key dates to remember for Taurus season.

  • The Sun enters Taurus on April 19, encouraging us to cultivate a sense of comfort and security.
  • Mercury moves into Taurus on April 19, which might make us more stubborn when processing information (especially the kind we don’t want to hear).
  • Action planet Mars enters sentimental Cancer on April 23, giving us a softer touch when making our needs known.
  • Look up at the sky on April 26, when the Pink Super Full Moon in Scorpio is in its full glory. The Full Moon provides a chance to shed the past’s burdens and make room for the future.
  • Evolutionary Pluto begins its yearly planetary retrograde on April 27, encouraging us to make necessary changes—like hastening the end to situations we’ve outgrown. This transformative transit lasts until October 6.
  • Talkative Mercury slides into Gemini on May 3, giving our communication skills a boost. Get texting!
  • Tender Venus slides into chatty Gemini on May 8, bestowing us with the super power of charm. Now’s the time to speak up about your feelings.
  • The New Moon in Taurus occurs on May 11, providing a time to set intentions for turbo-charged personal growth.
  • Expansive Jupiter swims into intuitive Pisces on May 13, starting a two-month spiritual journey in which we may be inspired to expand our hearts, revel in fantasy, and dream up our ideal lives.

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