Psychic Saturday April 23

Psychic Saturday At Painted Love

See Theressa Johnson, Psychic Medium for a Psychic Reading @ Painted Love, 145 Belmont Ave., Suite 2, Tonawanda, NY for Psychic Saturday. Call 481 2799 to schedule a reading. I have a few spots left.

Saturday April 23, 1-4 pm

Welcome to Taurus Season ! The big theme for this week is SELF WORTH – This is a week all about delving into self-worth and the relationship you have with yourself as well as every other person in your life. Now that the Sun is in Taurus we’re being called to shed light upon the places where we deny our value. The places where we believe that we aren’t deserving of unconditional love and positive regard. Do you know your own values, and are you willing to assert boundaries around yourself to help you uphold those values? Do you feel worthy of your needs and desires?

A psychic reading may help to clarify some of these questions, decisions or relationships in your life.  Sometimes a past life will show up in your reading. A past life is the challenge of a present life with relationships, decisions and friendships.  And sometimes you just may want to hear from a loved one on the other side. Let me help you with your decision making and /or contact with loved ones over on the other side.

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