New Event !

See Theressa Johnson, Psychic Medium at Enlighten Hamburg July 30th (10-6).  Inside Flicker Gifts, 38 Main Street, Hamburg, NY 14075.  Call 716 481 2799 to book your appointment.

How is your month going? One of the most common things I have been hearing from clients, students and friends since 2020 is how they lack direction or have been profoundly changed and now don’t know what direction to take on a life path, or “feel like they am in a holding pattern!” or “just wish they knew the next step!” If you have been feeling this way too, believe me, you are NOT alone.

How did you get through that July 28 new moon in Leo?  With the sun and moon aligning in Leo — and with communication planet Mercury in Leo, too — this  moon is a great time for getting in touch with our passionate sides and connecting with the things that set our hearts ablaze. Intentions relating to love, creativity, confidence, and self-expression are all especially powerful now.

This Saturday-July 30th 10 AM – 6 PM will be the 2nd Enlighten Hamburg Psychic Fair. Come see me for a reading.

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