Emotional healing is a big theme when the Full Moon occurs in the sign of Pisces on 21st September. … That makes September an ideal month to harvest the results of all the creative seeds you’ve sown or projects you started at the time of the Pisces New Moon back in March.


Full Moon effect – What to Expect: This is a good time to take a break from life’s hustle and bustle, to sort out your overloaded mind. If you can’t physically get to somewhere far away then make time to create a space at home to unwind and recharge your mental and emotional batteries. Being close to water is therapeutic for you now, but also indulge in head massages, talking therapies or even counseling. These will help to clear out any worries or woes that may have been blocking your progress, as well as enable you to tune into your most creative instincts. If you’re always used to being the strong one, the leader, lean into your vulnerability now and let imagination overrule logic for a while, without losing touch with reality.


Full Moon Effect – What to Expect: You tend to be possessive about the things and the people you know and love, and it can be hard for you to let go of anything or anyone, even if they’ve outstayed their welcome or outlived their usefulness. A need to be more discerning and merge only with people who innately understand you – and vice-versa – is strong under these emotive moonbeams. With this month’s Full Moon you might want to celebrate the friends who surround you but also potentially cut ties with any  ho don’t fully ‘get’ you. It’s also time to check in on your hopes and dreams now too. Aim to fulfill a wish this month and work on how to bring your next beautiful dream to life.


Full Moon Effect – What to Expect: Don’t hide your light this month. You may find it impossible to keep a low profile anyway, with this Full Moon shining its high beams on you and making you the centre of attention, especially at work. You might decide to push yourself forward for promotion in your current role or, as Full Moons often signify completion, you might choose to cut loose and look elsewhere for more creative career fulfillment. Beware of overstepping boundaries or of letting others step on you in their own pursuit of power. Be cautious too of overindulging in anything that could make you loose-lipped enough to spill secrets or offer unwanted opinions or advice.  


Full Moon Effect – What to Expect: September’s Full Moon shows that you may be more wary these days about what’s ‘out there’ in the big wide world. You could feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the sudden lack of boundaries outside your door, and be super sensitive to the idea of viral nasties that may still be floating about in the ether. You’re not alone in this so don’t feel shipwrecked by the weight of news and media information coming through to mess with your mind. Tune into your own spirituality, with mindfulness or yoga to keep you balanced. If you’ve been creative lately, use this Full Moon to put the finishing touches to an artwork or memoir. A legal situation could draw to a close now too. The key thing for you is not to close down into your own blinkered comfort zone now but to gradually open up, and begin to learn, grow and evolve again. 


Full Moon Effect – What to Expect: You may find that you need to let go of something important this month.  It’s most likely to be in the realms of passion, intimacy, sex or power, where things have either become much too much and your boundaries have been crossed, or you may be feeling disempowered by the thought that there’s just not enough love or money in your life. This Full Moon could make it a super emotional time for you, but it’s also a good time to make peace with any situation that arises. If you lend  someone money now, be prepared for it not to be returned, and be wary of getting too far into debt  yourself now too, as overindulging to soothe your soul is all too tempting this month and it may take a  major effort to get off that slippery slope. 


Full Moon Effect – What to Expect: Your closest relationships are up for scrutiny under the light of this month’s Full Moon. Partnerships that are working well could reach a state where you not only complete each other’s sentences, but you feel like you complete one another. The increased emotional state that often accompanies a Full Moon could also show the cracks in a less than solid partnership now, and if that happens it might be time to go your separate ways. This applies to romantic and business connections, and may also highlight issues with frenemies, rivals or anyone who tends to invade your space or overstep boundaries. You might be surprised to find that you see things from their perspective now, rather than just from your own point of view, and you may be finally able to find a way forward with them based on mutual understanding.  


Full Moon Effect – What to Expect: It’s a good month to complete a wellness goal, break a bad habit, or  improve or change your work environment for something that’s a whole lot healthier for your mental and  physical wellbeing. This month’s Full Moon pinpoints your fitness and vitality, inviting you to shake things up if you’ve become a couch potato lately. Ease your way into any new health or work routines as they’ll have more chance of lasting that way than if you throw yourself into them with too much speed and not enough thought. Of course, you’ll want instant results, but that will be the Full Moon playing on all your  insecurities, so make ‘keep calm and carry on’ your motivational mantra now. If you have pets, lavish them  ith extra TLC now too.


Full Moon Effect – What to Expect: This month’s emotional Full Moon hits your zone of romance and creativity, potentially bringing extremes around love or enhancing your artistic desires and talents. A romance could bring you the highest of highs or the lowest of lows now, helping you to decide whether you should stick with this liaison or get the hell out of Dodge. You could reach a creative pinnacle now too or decide to transfer your interests and energy to a whole new artistic medium. It’s possible to go overboard so think twice before you make a clean sweep, issue ultimatums or make commitments that seemed right at the time but that you might regret when things simmer down. Keep things light and playful if you can, in all areas of life, and avoid being a drama queen no matter how tricky that might feel under this intense lunar energy.


Full Moon Effect – What to Expect: A situation at home could come to a conclusion this month thanks to the Full Moon bringing closure to what might have felt like an overwhelming experience. You might finally be escaping a ‘too crowded for comfort’ apartment, to find a corner of your own and make a sanctuary where you can luxuriate in a little therapeutic peace and quiet. There’s a healing energy around you now so that old family issues, bad habits or inherited but outdated beliefs can finally be dealt with. Things could get emotional, so you might actually enjoy a good cry to help get all that built-up tension out of your system. Picturing how you’d like your ‘new normal’ home-life – and life in general – to be, is likely now too.  Flashes of inspiration that occur could be clues to help you follow your destiny or karma, as they’ll lead  you towards where and how you’re meant to live.


Full Moon Effect – What to Expect: There may be too much going on this month with communication, short  journeys, neighbors, things to shoe or tell to others, and even with siblings (if you have them), thanks to  this month’s Full Moon.  Situations linked to one or more of these areas could finally bring you closure with  an ongoing issue, or offer a mutual understanding that lets you appreciate the other side’s point of view.  Information overload and an inability to make yourself heard are likely, and the ensuing frustration could be enough to make you weep. Try to tune out what’s not necessary now and, rather than being pulled in all directions, tune into the most important messages coming through for you at this time. 


Full Moon Effect – What to Expect: If you get the urge to splurge this month be careful that the Full Moon  doesn’t push you towards acts of lunacy where your money is concerned. Overspending is likely now, as are overestimating your resources and imagining that it will all be alright in the end. Others may come to  you to bail them out financially, but read between the lines of any sob stories as you might be taken for  granted and may not see the money returned to you any time soon, if at all. This is also a good time for a reality check about how you value yourself. Don’t judge yourself or pay attention to others who only rate you on how you look, act or what you have, as right now basic security, stability and comfort are your prime objectives. 


Full Moon Effect – What to Expect: Get the hankies ready. There could be a tsunami of tears this month t hanks to the Full Moon in your own sign. These could be happy tears as you might reach a personal goal, but since Full Moons are often linked to endings and closure there may be a situation specific to you that need to come to a peak so that you can move on. You might feel that you’re overburdened by responsibilities, or alternatively you may feel excluded from an important decision-making process. In  either case, aim to avoid over-dramatizing things or revealing your own or other people’s secrets. Think of this as an opportunity for an emotional clear-out, so that once the current intensity is over you can safely  move on and put this phase behind you. 

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