Welcome to the first Full Moon of 2023. It’s in the sign of Cancer which is an energy encouraging you to step into greater vulnerability and feminine energy. We live in an imperfect world, where things can at times be too much…and that is ok. This is a Full Moon to release, and realize the power of divine feminine that runs through you. This is a time where new energy is being brought to light and you’re seeing just how brave you are.

This full moon will bring us a lot of calming, peaceful energy and the focus will mainly be on family and home. This could manifest in many different ways, but expect home life to take center stage around the full moon. Using the energy of this full moon correctly is going to fill you with the stamina you need to start the year on a positive note and begin as you mean to carry on. Many of you will feel tired moving into January after a long year, so this full moon is coming at the perfect time.

In the sign of Cancer, this is a Moon calling for you to find strength in your vulnerability. To start to get so comfortable with yourself, and the many ‘yous’ that live within, that you’re able to take off the armor you subconsciously wear around. This armor was put on at one time when you needed it to keep you safe. It allowed you to numb yourself from the feelings of others (and yourself), to put on a brave face and to be the person your parents (or parental figures) wanted you to be. Now is the time to see that this armor is still in place…even though it’s had it’s day. Even though it’s comfortable it also cuts you off from being able to fully connect with the world around you…and most importantly with yourself.

This Full Moon relates back to the 29th/30th of June last year. That is when the intentions that this Full Moon is now calling to manifestation were being laid. Whether that was being done consciously or unconsciously. If you can think back that far (if you have a journal, old emails or messages) you might get hints as to what this Full Moon is now calling to light. For that’s what Full Moons are all about. They take energy that has been incubating and they allow this to turn into matter. As Cancer rules emotions, home life and the mother – you might find that these themes are what is being brought to light for you. For example, a change in living circumstances, a focus on the relationship with your mother or the shift into becoming a mother etc. For each of us, this energy will be different.

This Full Moon makes the energy a lot more courageous and calling for inner fortitude. It’s time to be a warrior for your own heart. This is calling for you to break into new emotional territory within. To move past the fear of feeling too much, to see the power that your own emotions have. You might find a kind of imposter syndrome popping up (in the external world) or even just the feeling of being both uncomfortable and starting to feeling like you are coming home to yourself.

It’s time to cultivate a new story

Mercury Retrograde will be aligned with the Sun during this Full Moon. Instead of having the harsh or unwanted effects Mercury often has, this creates some grace. In fact Mercury is calling for you to find an outlet for this Full Moon’s energy through your words – in particular the stories you tell yourself. In fact you might find there are some outdated stories that pop-up around this Full Moon (so play close attention) that are ready to be released. Mercury is calling for you to start to create a new story for yourself. One which is updated and takes into account the fact the work you’ve been doing on yourself…and the fearlessness that lives within you. It’s time to honor yourself, and have deep compassion for your karmic predicament.

The Wolf Moon is not as menacing as it sounds, in fact, it’s all about bringing in balance and recharging before starting the next 12 months. Perhaps taking a hint from Capricorn season, this particular moon wants to kickstart things on a practical note.  It is more about finding relaxation within what you are doing day to day and finding a space within your own life where you can really slow down and listen to your inner emotional workings. 

Speaking of what’s ahead, there will be a few challenges throughout the year, understandably so, but this full moon is the calm we need before the whirlwind of cosmic energy is bestowed upon us.



Even if you don’t have the answers you’re seeking, this full moon will help you feel at ease. This is not about action, it is about connecting with a serene, calm and hopeful part of yourself, and this will shine some light into your life, You may find tension in your body melts away but also be aware that it will offer you mental comfort and clarity. You will feel hopeful, and for many of you, it will be the first time in a long time.


Expect to connect to those around you, Taurus, but don’t pick up negativity in the process. Being selective about which energies are in your life at that time will offer you a real sense of healing. It will bring feelings of belonging and fulfillment to the surface, and this is what you need right now. For you, Taurus, it will be vital to spend some time with the people who offer you peace and comfort during the full moon. While you’re embracing meaningful connections, look to tap into creative areas that speak to you. Enjoy some music or art that brings you comfort, too, and really strive to make time to fill your emotions well, Remember—you cannot pour from an empty cup.


Take a step back, Gemini—you can’t do it all. This full moon is a reminder that you have been spinning too many plates, Take some time to tune in emotionally on these areas of your life and figure out where you feel you are being drained. The awareness that this critical thinking offers will be worth its weight in gold eventually. Also note that you don’t have to put in so much energy in places where you’re not seeing a return, and that’s perfectly OK. There are things in your life that take and do not give back. This may be people, situations or work, but for most of you, it will be related to your home life in some way. 


The full moon will be a really inspirational time for you, Cancer. This is because it is happening on your home turf. Use this energy and assurance to focus on your goals and consider what your next move will be. You are on your way to success, and your levels of determination will be on fire during the full moon. Your naturally heightened emotional state will not feel uncomfortable or excessive but actually will begin to make perfect sense in terms of where your life is headed.


Finding the peace and relaxation the full moon is sending will be a particular challenge for you, Leo. You may be feeling stagnant or as though you have reached a stalemate of kinds. Don’t let this feeling discourage you. With a little TLC, you’re able to take the time to decompress and proceed effectively. Treat yourself and make self-care a priority over the full moon. You need to feel your inner love glowing to move forward again. Things may feel blocked, but remember that emotionally you have the power to change this.


For you, Virgo, the full moon will feel like a big sigh of relief. This is because, suddenly, you may feel like you have been offered vivid mental clarity. Use this clarity and vision to focus on things at home and really take in your surroundings, physically and emotionally. There are plenty of reasons to be excited for 2023, but take the time at the start of the year to get back on the proper track. 


It’s not always possible to be in control, Libra. It’s OK to follow someone else’s lead and just let it go. It is important to focus your energy on releasing those things you have no power over, as it is a massive waste of energy and a negative place to put your hopes. It will only serve to remove a lot of emotional baggage from your shoulders, allowing you to move forward with more peace.


Now might be the time to reassess certain things, Scorpio, but to be effective, you’ll have to look at things through an honest lens. Be analytical about what is working for you and what isn’t. You have every right to speak your truth and implement boundaries at any time. To do this, however, you must be fair in your assessment. You can achieve this by listening to your feelings and emotions but not allowing them to make any decisions for you.


Now to really connect with your most composed, patient, and daring self. These qualities will be needed later in the year. You’re strong, Sagittarius, but make sure to nourish that strength instead of ignoring it. You have the heart of a lion, and this provides you with enormous strength and courage. However, strength is like a garden and can only thrive when watered.


Use the start of the new year for some TLC, Capricorn. Use the full moon as a chance to find stillness and unburden yourself, especially mentally and emotionally, You need rest, and you need to recharge. You feel best when you are planted like a tree, Capricorn. You know this, but it may not have stopped you from taking on too much lately.


Expect some growth at the start of the new year, Aquarius.  The full moon may make you feel giddy, excited, optimistic and hopeful. This is because it encourages you to expand. The universe sees you for who you are and knows you are trying to improve things through hard work. The full moon will reward you for this by amplifying that expansion.


You might feel at a crossroads, Pisces, but instead of resorting to the negative, use this as an opportunity to change the way in which you think. Fight this response, and challenge yourself to take a new approach: contemplation. This will allow you to re-prioritize your emotions and worries and find that even in the darkest places, there is always some light to be experienced. Although there’s a lot underway during this particular January astrology event, we’re always looking ahead and curious to see what’s next. You can expect the pace to pick up after this lunation. By affording yourself some time to slow down over this full moon, you are going to allow yourself to focus on home and family, as well as take the time to get real with your emotions and give yourself a little bit of self-care. A day or two after it ends, you should feel much more revitalized and raring to go.


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